One way

  • Camino Real Hotel / Aeropuerto
  • Hotel / San Ignacio
  • Hotel / Río Dulce
  • Hotel / Puerto Barrios
  • Hotel / Coban
  • Hotel / Bethel
  • Hotel / Naranjo
  • Hotel / Melchor de Mencos
  • Hotel / Ciudad de Belice
  • Hotel / Chetumal

Additional Services

  • Air tickets Guatemala City to Flores and vice versa
  • Land transportation Guatemala City to Flores and vice versa
  • Bus rental

History, excitement and adventure in the same place!

If what you are looking for it's a different experience in Aventuras Mayas we have the right plan for you. You can visit the ancient Mayan world and learn about this interesting culture while doing a tour of most popular archaeological sites or enjoy an outdoor adventure practicing canopy, horseback riding and many other activities...

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